Action Scenes–Readers and Writers

What do you look for in action scenes as readers and writers?

Do you look for action scenes that rip your arm away from a page, turning to the next until late in the night? Action scenes that reach down your throat making you gasp for breath, or conflict and bold action almost impossible to perform, but you love it anyway.

When “The End” arrives, you strut around several hours thinking that you have lived a full life. Realizing in time that you immersed yourself directly into the characters’ lives in the book you recently laid rest.

I’ve been there, and in my opinion, reading gives us the exact amount of emotional release, with little cost. It’s a pity that there is a dwindling number of readers for pleasure anymore.

However, if there were more inspiring authors as in, J.K. Rowling, that trend may reverse. Ms. Rowling, literally gave-birth too many a new reader.

My questions to you all are…

  • Which authors do you most resonate with, in their action, and conflict scenes?
  • How about the characters? What is it that allows you to take over their body, as it were.
  • Do you have any examples?
  • And what about your best action or scenes of conflict? Did you model another author?

  • And your characters. How do you bring them to life?

As you see it, what makes the best action scenes?  Explosions i.e. special effects created in your mind, and or a protagonist escaping or prevailing against incredible odds, or outright craftiness.

Please share your thoughts.

D. Owen Powell