Captain Hunter, United States Army Intelligence … assigned to a covert psychic group out of Fort Mead, Maryland. His unit, kept separate and secret from the psychic remote viewing operation currently on base.

Captain Hunter disappeared without a trace while on an unauthorized mission.

On July 4, 1996, the Hunter family was informed. His identical twin sons Joe and Frank, were eleven years old.

While a teenager, Joe sustained injury in a skateboard competition rendering him paraplegic. Frank came late into learning that he possessed psy-skills like his brother.

Joe was about to give up on life when two men arrived at the Hunter home.

The men in black recruited the young man into a program that would change his life forever. To function again without his physical body was unbelievable—to walk, run, and even fly was worth everything.


Joe trained at home, and then moved to the main facility … SciMi, where he joined a team of adept psychic individuals like himself. The participants in the program … called MOPITs (Mind OPerator Internal Terrestrial).

Murders were committed, mob investigations conducted, Frank Hunter’s abduction to China and Angel’s abduction to Russia, along with the escape and evasion of each.

The prime-objective of all nations involved—to take possession of an ancient flying craft of great power.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”bottom-to-top” css=”.vc_custom_1460068294031{margin-left: 50px !important;}”]Extraterrestrials both hostile and friendly played their cards.

An extraterrestrial ultimatum.

A battle ensued.

A choice made.

Would the human race survive this final ultimatum?

Have you ever questioned Religion & Spirituality—the Paranormal or Supernatural, ESP, and Psychic Powers? Do you find pleasure in reading…Fantasy, Science Fiction? Would you like to explore the Psychic, and  Astral bounds of consciousness? Find adventure in reading about government Espionage, Psychic Spy stuff? If you do, I really believe Operation Starlight will satisfy your quest for adventure into the known and unknown.




• What does a young woman jogging in the park, after dark, and a river … have in common?

In Sylvia’s case—nothing good.
• What is the bond that holds a priest and his eleven-year old acolyte? Can the tie be broken?
• Mrs. Alva Steinmetz, an eighty-one year old woman, that likes ice cream, and Tasters Choice Instant Gourmet Coffee, while watching he favorite TV show… Dancing With the Stars.
• Why would Alva join a club that has nothing to do with dancing?
• What is, The Time-Out Club?
• Forgiveness, or revenge—you decide.