D. Owen Powell


Hi, it’s me, D. Owen Powell author of the novel… Operation Starlight, and novelette Turn the Other Cheek Never Look Away.

I’m beginning a blog. The name of the blog is… Random, because that’s what it’s going to be… casual, indiscriminate, unplanned, and unedited. My little ramblings for you to think about,
elaborate on … maybe some unedited short stories I write for the heck of it. Occasionally sprinkled here and there will be characters from my books. Who they are, what they are like, and
possibly, what they have done… before the story unfolded.
Oh, and I have been a hypnotist for several years until I found it too time consuming to build a practice part time. You may see samples of previous recordings somewhere among the pages yet published.
You are welcome to join me, and I sincerely hope you do. Sign up and follow me where the wind blows.

Welcome to… RANDOM

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